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Shocked by Insane Bikinis

There are some really insane bikinis available on the market today and I have witnessed a few of them over the weekend. Now I am not a guy that has an infatuation with swimwear or anything like that. I just know that the bikinis I saw were some of the strangest and most erotic designs I have ever seen in my life. I know for a fact that I would not be comfortably wearing something like this in my bedroom let alone out in public. These insane bikinis were so erotic that everyone on the beach immediately stopped what they were doing just to watch these guys walk by. It was as if an alien ship had landed and the occupants got out and stole the volleyball in the middle of the game. People just stared at them unblinking as if they had no idea what was going on. On the other hand, it was amazing to see the reactions that those guys were getting and I hope I get to see them again next weekend.

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Insane Bikinis are the stars of the beach scene and I’m not only talking about insane bikinis for women. All though those designs are outrageous and extremely sexy, needless to say you can tell I love seeing the ladies wear extremely skimpy swimwear showing off their bodies no matter what shape and sizes they are. It makes for great people watching! This discussion is about men becoming p-art of the people watching scene, eye candy as you would have it. Wearing insane bikinis changes a man from someone that blends into the crowd to someone everyone on the beach is checking out. Men are getting their game on and learning to enjoy this new found attention. You need to be like the girls and be relaxed about all the gawking, take it as a compliment.  You will be amazing by how often you are hit on, sometimes by men and other times by women. I’m straight but I know if a man is hitting on me he thinks I look sexy. I have no problem chatting them up and it does not take long before they realize you are straight. At that point you often have a new friend to hang out with and let’s face it the more friends at the beach the more fun.

Insane Bikinis Can Really Change Your Life

There are some really insane bikinis out there if you know the right places to look. Take a stroll down just about any beach and you are sure to see a couple of guys wearing a bikini but these designs are going to be fairly standard as they are wearing them out in public. But if you were able to take a peek into the world of private pool parties you would end up seeing bikinis that you would never see walking down a private beach. These insane bikinis are so erotic and exciting that you would probably think that you were in a dream. Of course wearing them would definitely put you in a dream and that is why these bikinis have become so popular over the years. The pure erotic nature of these types of bikinis will probably shock you when you first see them but that is part of the intrigue that these items bring to your life. Just make sure that you are ready for the way these bikinis will change your life.


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Check Out Some Insane Bikinis for Men

Every summer men appear on beaches all over the world wearing pretty much the same type of swimwear. Wouldn’t it be great if more men had the nerve to wear some insane bikinis for men out on public beaches and resort swimming pools? Instead of those plain colored boxers, trunks, and board shorts, it would be so much more interesting if at least some of those men wore some bikinis that were unique and attention grabbing. Of course, those men should probably give some time and effort to toning up their bodies if they are going to be wearing bikinis that will be noticed instantly. Men who know how to get what they want will spend some time working out and following a healthy eating plan. Once they are in excellent physical shape, they can go bikini shopping and purchase something insanely different from anything else that other men will be wearing on the beach.

Insane Bikinis on Male Celebrities

Have you seen some of these insane bikinis that are coming out all around the world? Men’s bikinis can be hard to pull off by themselves, but when you throw in some of these crazy fashion choices; it is nearly impossible. A lot of them sure do look fun, though. If you are wondering what swimsuits I am talking about, just think back to when Borat was photographed wearing that lime green mankini! Think about Jim Carey swapping clothes with his wife on the beach. Or how about the bold statement being made by Bobby Norris with his thigh strap that barely holds his manhood in place? Which would not be all bad if it were not for the unflattering indention into the ass as the band loops around your leg. If you have ever wanted to stand out with insane bikinis.  These are just a few ideas of some of the unique and bold looks you may want to try out. You could very well pull it off better than these silly celebrities do.

Finding Places to Wear Your Insane Bikinis

If you are looking for the most insane bikinis, then you might want to start traveling out of the United States. There are a lot of countries that have beaches with little to no rules as to what people wear and those are the places that you going to find the best examples of bikinis. Now there are a few places in the United States where you can find guys wearing some pretty insane bikinis, but most of these places are going to be private beaches. You might be able to get access if you can find the right people but most of the time these things are set up with no admittance to anyone that does not live on that particular beach. But do not let this stop you from wearing your bikinis around. You can have just as much fun in your bikini at a pool party as you can out on the beach, and there is always that fantastic trip you have been planning.

Showing off those Insane Bikinis

Are you someone who loves getting tons of attention when you visit your favorite swimming venue? If so, you are most likely to own several pairs of insane bikinis of the like that no one has ever seen in their lives. These can be small bikinis such as micros, strange colors, and bizarre designs. Nothing draws attention to you like bikinis that are so unique that you will stand out in any swimming crowd. They may even be something that you can wear to a private pool gathering. Another example of crazy bikinis is the thong style. Most of the really wild thongs will be in gold or silver or some other really odd color which will draw all sorts of attention. When that happens, all you will need to do is make the most of it. You may find that you have a valuable new friend to spend time with and possibly develop even more of a relationship.

Insane Bikinis

I have seen some insane bikinis out on the beach lately, and I am amazed that these guys can walk around in public like that. I mean, I enjoy a good bikini like anyone else, but some of the designs that I have seen are so far beyond what I would feel comfortable wearing, especially in public. I am not even sure where these guys are finding these designs in the first place. I have tried looking but there are so many different sites out there that I never get to the sections that have all these insane bikinis listed. I always stop about halfway through and end up having to buy a couple of designs for myself. That is usually when I decide to stop looking because I know I will end up spending even more money. I am sure that one day soon I will find these insane designs. I will be able to find something that I would at least wear, even if it is not out in public. I do not mind wearing insane designs around the house since no one will be there to see me.