Micro Bikinis, Thongs, G-strings and more for men. Why should the ladies have all the fun?

Insane bikinis for men

About Us

We are lovers of insane bikinis, we wear them, we design them, we enjoy seeing men and women wearing them and we are here to promote a healthy bikini lifestyle. All the boys at Insane Bikinis website made an oath to never wear anything at the beach, pool, pool party, water skiing, anytime a swimsuit is called for we would wear nothing larger than a bikini. Many of us now wear G-strings and thongs. Personally I have been wearing sexy men’s swimwear for so long that micro bikinis feel like a lot of clothing, I often use my bikini as a cover up for my much smaller G-string swimsuit.   There are few things as much fun as people watching when those people are wearing insane bikinis. We love seeing all the different shapes and sizes of men’s and women’s bodies. It is not about looking for the ones with perfect bodies, if that was the case you would not see many insane bikinis on the beach but the fact is as the trend changes to people wearing sexier and skimpier designs more people are getting comfortable in their own skin and comfortable in showing a lot of that skin.

​Insane Bikinis

It is a given that everyone all over the world are at least familiar with bikinis whether they actually wear them or not. There is another side to these sexy swimsuits and they are called by many, insane bikinis.  These are actually pretty basic, at least in the beginning. The insanity comes about when a common bikini is taken, and a wild design and colors are added. The cut and style can also be made from these bikinis that will make them completely insane but in a good way. When you put on one of these bikinis, you are sure to get the attention that you might have always wanted but has been denied you because you were wearing just an ordinary swimsuit. If you have someone else shopping for you, chances are that you will double your choices. After all, two heads are better than one, especially when it comes to being the most stylish that you can be. 

Girls Panties for Men

The cat’s out of the bag! Girls panties for men has become a true fetish for many reasons, but those reasons no longer have a big impact as it once did.  Men who enjoy panties can come out of their deep closets. Now,  it is no longer a secret that men feel must be kept. They can actually go shopping in public for their own special panties without fear of persecution simply because they like to do things a bit differently. Sure, there will always be some people who refuse to open their minds and embrace those different things. One of these things happens to be certain men’s delight in wearing girl panties.

When it became known that girls panties for men not only could be bought, but they could now be bought in sizes and styles that are made especially for men even though they are still delicately crafted. Men who love wearing panties no longer have to sneak into their sister’s, girlfriend’s, wife’s, mother’s or any other accessible females’ lingerie drawers to steal a pair of panties. Now, if you are among the men who love wearing panties, you will feel much happier while not feeling guilty that you love this particular fetish. There are so many ways to get access to panties these days, that it has never been easier to love your fetish.

Something that may have allowed girls panties for men to come out of their closets is the fact that panties were now being created especially for men. While they are available in different styles and material, they have been a little bit altered to fit a man’s body comfortably as well as in a sexy manner. In short, a man who loves wearing panties can have it all in one garment of his choice. Now, doesn’t that sound like a wonderful way to enjoy your panties without feeling any guilt?